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music.friends.paisley.teal.bieber.playing mahphone.spiderman.greys.workingout.&& my nephew!
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#tb to Saturday with this girly 😘
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Beyond excited to spend time with this goofball this week 😘
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Were still little kids at heart  (at Short Sands)
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☔️☔️☔️ (at Moosehead Lake)
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😘 Quechee Gorge Vermont  (at Quechee Gorge State Park)
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AHHHHH!! Welcome to the family!! 😍😍😍
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My surprise at our 2 year anniversary dinner 💗 thank you so much I love you and the past two years have been amazing 😘  (at Dante’s)
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Yummyness (at Cheesecake Factory)
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Yummys #latergram #lunch 😊
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Scenic views and cold weather ⛄️ #winter  (at greenville maine)
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Last weekend on the slopes with this cutie #gunstock  (at gunstock)
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Birthday pictures 💝 #latergram #birthday #17 #love
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Must reblog every Christmas

the fact that this picture just popped up improved my day by 100% 

I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life